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Need Rosegold ring/plain band


Just answer off list please. I need a rosegold band. 20 or 22
ga. thickness, 5.25 mm wide, size 11.5. Plain and flat. Anyone
willing to make this for me? I have a neighbor who’s daughter
was working for the peace corp. in Armenia and married a Swiss
Red Cross man, well he was captured by an African tribe and held
hostage while working in Africa. They took his Armenian hand made
wedding band. I can recreate his ring (to match his wife’s), but
haven’t ever used rosegold, and don’t want to have to buy a
supply to just do one ring. This would only be used as the base
for the rest of the design which is of white gold.

Let me know if you can make this simple piece up for me and what
the cost will be. Thanks, Pat