Need private lesson to season melt dish

I’m just getting into working with gold coining and am all self taught so I’d like to hire someone in the SF bay area to teach me how to season melting dishes with borax and share what else they know about working with gold.

Barry 510-882-2002

contact Otto Frei in Oakland. They are the main tool/metals supplier in the bay area. It use to be before the Phalan building in downtown SF sold, that most jewelers had their offices there. They are all scattered around now. There is a school in Oakland I can’t remember the exact name, but the people at Otto Frei will know. (510) 832-0355

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Jenna Hounshell is awesome and up in Sebastapol. She’s a caster and know all kinds of things. Also Kenley Warren is a caster in in the Mission and Killean is also in the city

I’ll bet one of them can help!

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School in oakland/berkeley is called Silvera :slight_smile: