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Need new wire source


If anyone here does wire-wrapping, I’m sure you will appreciate
my predicament

I just tried to reorder some 22g half-round wire from Rio and
learned that they don’t carry it anymore. Huh? I use this wire
for my binds all the time!

So, if I have to get half-round someplace else, I might as well
get all my wire someplace else so as to take full advantage oif
price breaks and shipping.

I use 24g, 22g, 21g half hard sq wire in GF and SS. I need
sharp, square edges as opposed to rounded edges.

I would greatly appreciate any suggestions you folks might have.

Kalamazoo, MI


Tripps (1-800-545-7962) is one of my sources. T.B. Hagstoz &
Sons, Inc (1-800-922-1006) has the very best color of any 14K Gf
that I have bought but its a few $ higher than other suppliers
but worth it. I prefer 20ga half round for all my wraps because
of the added strength.


I buy my wire from CGM, Inc. They have the lowest prices for
silver that I have found. Of course, since I want it, I can’t
find the phone number, but here’s hte address.

19562 Ventura BLVD
Suite 231
Tarzana, CA 91356

Silverhorn Designs