Need marketing advice

Dear All, Several different books have been discussed in the recent
past here on Orchid and I am hoping someone out there might be able
to narrow down the list for me. I like to think I could read them
all, but realistically I know that won’t happen, at least not until
I’m retired! I am looking for a book that will tell me how to go
about marketing a line of karat gold and platinum jewelry to the
industry. We have done original design for the public for many
years, and are now in the position to develop and market on a larger
scale. Our line would have both reproduceable items and one of a
kinds. We are open to both out-right purchasing and consignment with

The gentleman producing this line is a JA Certified Master Jeweler
with a great sense of design and workability. I would love to see
him featured in some of the industry magazines. I know that winning
Spectrum would go far, but until that happens, how do I go about
getting him some exposure? Should I just start submitting photos and
stories to the magazines and see if something gets picked up or is
there a better way? Is there a protocol to follow for this sort of
thing? I am a jeweler turned “Girl-Friday”, so to speak, and I am
feeling out of my element when it comes to marketing.

So… I’m hoping there is a book or other guide that one of you has
found helpful in these areas. I will eagerly await your replies.

Here is a website showing some of David’s work if that will be
helpful in forming your advice.

Thanks again to all,
david lee jeweler
Mason City, Iowa