Need laser cutter advice

Im looking to expand things since my partner retires in March, and im looking at a water cuter and several laser cutters. Anyone have experience to advise me on which theyd lean to? Im thinking either the omtech polar or its otger from omtech.

Wazer water jet


Glowforge Pro


Omtech polar

Wow. Nice looking toys! Not the best advice you might find, but I’d start by looking into the guy who has the Gomeow Creations channel on YouTube. He reviews expensive things like this and owns several. He has a website, you might just ask him; that’s what I’d try, at least…

I am on the same journey. I have learned that I need to be very specific about what I want to do with a laser and how much I am willing to spend. There are at least three different types of lasers. They can run with different levels of power that is further defined within the class regarding what they will engrave or cut or both. There is also the need to process if it is to be installed in a fixed location vs being portable. The most important thing for me is that it will mark precious metal and possibly cut heavy paper. I at currently looking at fiber lasers and, of course, they are the most expensive. I have joined and left a number of FB groups looking for information about lasers and receiving very little. I was actually kicked out of one group because I posted my website so that people could see what I make and want to mark. The assumption was that I was really just promoting my jewelry. Good luck and let us know what you find…Rob

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