Need Large Jumprings

Hi all, I just got done looking through the archives with no luck on
the following question:

I need jumprings in bulk in custom sizes (don’t see them listed in
any of my findings catalogs).

14ga x 5.5mm ID  x 2000
12ga x 6.0mm ID x 1000

The question is, is it going to be easier to make them myself, or
have them fabricated by someone else. If I go with having them
fabricated, what are my options, and does anyone have any ideas on
what the fabrication fee could be? I figure it would take me a full
day at least to make that many rings, and when I do it they still
dont look as good as the pre-made ones.

Anyways, thanks in advance,
Doug Harroun
Albuquerque, NM

Doug Harroun, The answer to your problem is the Jump Ringer. With it
you can make perfect jump rings with an inside diameter from 1.5 mm
to well over an inch. Wire diameters may be from 30 to 12 ga. With
practice, 3000 jump rings should take you no more than an hour to
produce. For greater speed, you can get the Long Jump Ringer which
will wind (under power) and cut a 15" long coil. If you don’t already
have one, you’ll need a Foredom flex shaft machine with a #30 hand
piece. Because you live in Albuquerque, you can visit either Rio
Grande or Indian Jewelers Supply and get expert help. They both stock
all Jump Ringer Products. Ray Grossman Ray Grossman Inc.
Manufacturers of Jump Ringer

Hello Doug (and all of you in Orchid!)! I make a lot of chain mail
and I’ve looked many times to find good suppliers. At the bottom of
the message, there is a link to a web page full of suppliers and
chain mail makers.

One I particularly appreciate is DeCordene Wire Works (web site
available via the link below), who supplies, beside stainless steel
and other good metals for chain mailing, silver jump rings. If I can
recall, he can make you custom jump rings… but you’ll have to
verify for yourself…

If you prefer doing it by yourself (as I often do), buy a jump
ringer from a local supplier, or make a custom one (I will tell you
how if you ask me) and buy a diamond-coated saw disk for your
flex-shaft to cut them apart. It will do a very nice job, giving you
a 1mm opening approx. Hope this helps!

Benoit Hamel