[Need] Images of foldformed pieces

Greetings all:

My advanced class is doing foldforming this term, and I just had a
brainstorm. At the beginning of each term, I show them a powerpoint
of various pieces made with the technique du jour, which normally
involves me scavenging my books for images, and then scanning and
cleaning the images. (as a jumping off point for ‘what you can do
with this technique’, not as a ‘clone this piece’ example.) This is
still an option, but my brainstorm was simply to realize that there
must be people on the orchid list who do foldforming. Mayhap they
even have images thereof…

So, if you have high quality images of foldformed pieces that you’d
like to have held up as an example of interesting foldforming work,
please email me a JPG offline to alberic (at) alberic (dot) net All
artists will be credited, and no, I won’t publish anything with
them, this is strictly for an in-class slideshow. (Microfolding also

Brian Meek.

(Microfolding also welcome.) 

Do you mean corrugation? I have some of that.


Hi Elaine:

Yes, I meant corrugation. Sorry for the confusion.