Need help with Sterling Silver finishing

Hello, I am new to designing jewelry. I am creating Sterling Silver jewelry. I am looking to create a matte finish on my pieces. I know there must be an easy way to do this, but for the life of me I can’t figure it out. I have access to a small Vibrating tumbler, flex shaft, 4" grinding wheel which I can attach buffs to.

Ideally I would like the end result to replicate a nice sand blasted surface finish. I rather not get sandblasting equipment so I can manage with a brushed matte look.

Any advice is greatly appreciated. I usually shop for tools at Zaks Tools in Manhattan so if you have any recommendations of items to get from them that would be great.

In the image attached you will see the blue and green areas in which I am most concerned about. The green area is slightly below the blue which makes that joint between the two difficult to get to. That is were I am having the most problems.

To add, I would also be comfortable with a textured finish. Essentially what a sandblast would give but hopefully a hand tool can provide something similar. I nice texture that won’t have scratches that are to deep that will lead to easier tarnish.

Ask at your jewellery supplier for a buff to achieve a satin or matte finish.

The simplest way I know is to tumble the piece using ordinary beach sand.


Tony , when you use beach sand for the satin finish, do you add water or just run it dry?

What I actually do is to put the piece, sand and water into a screw top jar and then put it in my bike basket and go for a 10 mile ride!