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Need help with show set-up


I asked about this once before but buried it in an intro so maybe
during this slow time I will try again.

I am going to jury enameled wall pieces for shows next year. I do
the standard 10’ by 10’ set up. The only really nice walls I have
seen are the Pro-Panels…it would cost me around $1100 for the
set-up. If anyone has another nice alternative I would love to
hear about it. I am also investigating halogen? lights that are
flexible for outdoor set up.

I need a rather flexible, flat, light colored surface capable
of holding alot of weight. This excludes the wooden framework
approach and the hinged shutter approach that has been suggested.
I checked every booth at the show I did this weekend and all the
good looking booths are pro-panels. Wow, those guys must be doing
well. Thanks for any help available.



Try to find a used store fixture dealer in your area. I know of
one in Maine and one in Mass. The deals you can sometimes get
are well worth seeking these places out. They will usually tell
you over the phone if they have what you are looking for, too.

Good Luck.