Need hard to find wire

Hello to most helpful group in the world! I have a project, and am
trying to locate 12 feet of gold (14 or 18 kt) 24ga half-round wire.

I worked up a trial piece in sterling, then found to my dismay that
same wire is not readily available in gold.

Family health problems have kept me away from Orchid for a while, but
a little relief looks to be on the way

Thanks for your help again,

Have you tried Stock sizes go down to 22ga, but they
may be able to do 24ga for you.


Gail, I have had good luck using United Precious Metal Refiners for
any size wire that I have ever needed. In the past, if the material
I wanted wasn’t in stock, they would make it for me. Just a happy
satisfied customer.

custom cut designer cabs/concave facetted gems

Gail, Stuller has it on both 14K & 18K. Rio Grande has it in 14K. Joel

Joel Schwalb