[Need] Diamond recutting

I have a 1.10ct (or thereabouts) emerald cut diamond that had a
slight, slight nick on the girdle, and I am wondering if Wayne Emory
or one of the other fine stonecutters out there would have time to do
a little retouching and polishing on it. If so, please feel free to
contact me. Thanks a lot.

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for the confidence, but I do not work with diamond. I know
two diamond cutters who are tops at their craft, both with long
experience, however, and I’ll pass their names on to you off-list.

Wayne Emery

Martin Fainberg KFK in NYC has done beautiful work for me in the

Diamond Cutting,all I do, Repairs, recuts,custom and cutting from
rough references, sarin reports, before and after pictures.

Roger D. Flanders

I can indeed attest that Roger Flanders is one of the best diamond
repair/cutters around! He also works in one of the most beautiful
buildings I’ve been in!

We need to “see” you here more, Roger!!

Wayne Emery