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Need Castings made

Hi, I would like to have some castings made of a couple of
antique purse frames that I own. I would like them to be made out
of a base metal and then silver plated. Can anyone steer me in
the direction of a good inexpensive mold maker and caster.

What type of mold would I need to have made? The frames are
fairly ornate. I know there is rubber and silicon, but know
little else. Any and help would be very greatly
appreciated. The first frame I’d like to have done is about 4
inches by 1 and a half inches. Is there a ballpark figure someone
can give me on having a casting made of this?

Thanks so much in advance


Where are you? What is your location?

John and Cynthia/MidLife Crisis Enterprises
Maiden Metals/C. T. Designs/ Bloomin’ Wax Works. etc.

PO Bx 44, Philo
CA 95466
Ph 707-895-2635 FAX 707-895-9332

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