Need an amber source

I have a customer who wants a pendant made from a large (up to 2" long) piece of amber. I’m thinking it can be a cabochon or a smooth, polished nugget. I’m having a hard time finding a reputable supplier. Any ideas?
And, Lord, the prices are all over the place!


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Hope this helps.


I have a great contact in Chiapas Mexico he has his own mine there , he is honest and has beautiful material either rough or cut to size , not sure if he speaks English but I’m sure he will do his best ,

(919) 685 0050 home
(919) 685 0169 workshop
Dial 52 for mexico

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I have some Amber that might fit the bill. I can look tomorrow, when I am back at work. Janine in Hot again Redding, California

Sorry I didn’t give you his name.
His name is Alfonso Albarran and I’ve bought from him over the years since 1994

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Jeez, sorry, I guess I don’t have my settings correct.
Thanks for your sources!