Need an 18" diamond blade

Alas, after many years and many slabs, the 18" saw blade is worn
down to the metal. Anyone have a favorite source for saw blades?

Mark Z in Denver Colorado

Mark Z.,

I use Kingsley North for all my blades and most of my laps.
It's not much of a website, but you can order their catalog or

email them there.

Mark W.

Try this number…1-800-325-2337, ask for Jay Swindler.
Diamond Saw Blades, I think they are in Arizona. They carry all
kinds of blades for all kinds of applications and I have found
them the cheapest. I think since they don’t specialize in
Lapidary equipment they sell cheaper.

Good luck

Found the best price, appears to be at Rock Peddler, they do
have a web site.

Mark Z
Denver, Colorado