[Need advice] Packing

Hello to all, I have a problem. It is indirectly associated with
jewelry making. I make jewelry or shall I say put and assemble pieces
together to create a creative piece of emporia. I am an artist, oils,
and such, who has branched out into the world of vast ideas and am
putting them in a nice direction. Approval has been given to open my
own shoppe here in the Mysrtic CT. area, shore town of NOANK, CT. I To
the great problem, I have from France beautiful lavender, and have
,as many are now, selling them in bags to be placed on eyes to
soothe. My item is 4 in ches wide at most and 10 to 11 in. long. It is
aof various colors of materials filled with lavender. I want to sell
her but cannot for the life of me find a suitable product to place
her in. I have depleted the areras known to cardboard and jewelry
boxes. I require a rather flat long cardboard or white thicker paper
with a window view. I know you folks have helped me with a patina
recently, and I thank you most kindly, can all heads gather at the
round table and raise your talents to aid my quest. I have a small
shoppe to open in Spring, and 100 cover displays are all I would
require, at littlest expense possible. I want to thank you for your
listening, and will wait for any reply you may have to this
situatiion.@perfectp Stay with the sunshine Patricia
Alexie Wainwright

Hi Patricia, You might look for a Paper Company! They should be a
distributor of Jewelry boxes and/or be able to point you to another
supplier that handles jewelry boxes. Assuming that you are fairly near
a large city, there should one of these suppliers nearby. LOL JB

Is your “lavender” a powder, liquid, plant.? Seems that a little
pouch with a draw string might be appropriate. Could be cloth or other
fiber. Geologists use a plastic coated fabric bag to put various
samples in, this might work if you are concerned about volatile
essences. Also check out sources for metaphysical book and gift shops,
they have similar products.
Best wishes, Will Estavillo, www.natureshop-gallery.com