[Need advice] Jewelry repair market

Hello my name is Alberto Sandoval I’m a graduate jeweler from Revere
Academy of Jewelry Arts in San Francisco California after I I
graduated from Revere I went to wor for a company doing a lot of
jewelry repairs I was there for a bout a year, after that I went to
wor for anothere company doing what I love the most making jewelry
and jewelry repair. Now I want to open my own Jewelry repair shop
where I plan to do castings, custome work, hand made jewelry and
jewelry repair and more. Please you’ll can you tell me anythyng a bout
the jewelry repair market?. How well does a jewelry repair shop will
do? Come on I need some advice, any advice wiil be of greate help for
me and my new business. I’m loking forward to hear from you’ll. Thank
you for your attention. att: Alberto Sandoval

Alberto, the best advice I could give is that when you go after new
trade customers (and you MUST solicit new prospects) you are really
selling your self as well as your skills. Be confident and dont sell
your self too cheap. Be persistant, if they say no, this could be
maybe. If they say maybe, this could be a qualified yes. Have a few
references? This is a good way to make a new client feel secure. All
of the above relates to the WHOLESALE ( trade shop) side of the

If, on the other hand , you are considering a RETAIL store, then
location is key. Choose an upscale are where there is a lot of
traffic, either foot or vehicular.You dont need a really large space.
I know folks in NYC who do $ 2 million a year in a 10x8 booth in an
exchange type setting. In my humble opinion, you must distinguish
yourself from the competition. Find an area where other vendors are
in business selling luxury items like better womens clothes, shoes,
handbags, etc. Dont be afraid to carry other designers work- even
better costume. If you offer some unique service or product, then you
can create a niche .Find a need and fill it. Do some charity work,
i.e. donate a custom piece for a charity auction … This good will
comes back to you 10 fold.

Best of luck,

Rob Ringold