Need advice about gold plating on sterling

I’ve got a small pen plater, and some non-cyanide-based gold plating
solution. I tried the thing out once on some sterling items when I
first got it, and didn’t get good results, so haven’t used it since.
I’d like to try it again. It came with minimal instructions about
preparing the items to be plated, other than saying they “need to be

I’d like to gold-plate just a few small details on a sterling
pendant to highlight them. How should I prepare the pendant to make
sure it’s clean enough? And how can I make sure that the plating
solution doesn’t run from the pen tip across the pendant’s surface,
but only covers the areas I want plated?

–Kathy Johnson
Feathered Gems Pet Motif Jewelry

Kathy, To clean, use latex gloves or other such protection to insure
that you will leave no finger prints, Clean in alcohol, (let sit for
a bit and take out and dry) Do not touch with bare hands!

Mask off the area on which you do not want the plating, Nail polish
works just fine.

Sounds like fun,

Hi Kathy, Clean the pieces in the ultrasonic, then rinse in
distilled water. Don’t touch the surface with your fingers after
this. This has been working fine for me, Christine