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[Need a source] Black Rubber Necklaces

Hi everyone, I have jsut developed a line of titanium pendant style
necklaces that would look perfect on a 2-3 mm black rubber necklaces.
I am looking for a source of the rubber cord in bulk which I can cut
to size and attach some type of clasp (either fine silver, or 18K
gold). I might try to make some clasps out of titanium, but that
seems like a waste of time and effort.

Anybody know where to get this stuff??

Daniel J. Statman, Statman Designs

I just ordered some tools from Karl Fischer GmbH in Pforzheim
Germany. They sell findings and the cord you are looking for.
Reasonable, too. Ask for the English price list. I bought a dozen
drills from them that cost $8 each from a US supplier- 4.5 DM (about
$2.15 each from them. The savings alone on that more than paid for the
shipping and insurance. And everything else I bought was less, too.

Rick Hamilton
Custom gold and platinum jewelry
CAD/CAM and conventional modelmaking

I saw rubber cord today at Myron Tobacks, 23 west 47th street, NYC
. They carry a variety of sizes. I am not sure of their phone no. but
they have a website.Try Kathy E

try just looked in their new findings catalog sold
by the foot in 2 and 3mm widths.

Go to or 978.688.3500 and I suggest the black
buna-n cord style. The 3mm is .118." This style is coated and wears
very well.


I have purchased the black rubber cord from Fischer in Germany,
( - www. They carry
wonderful clasps and findings too. Take Visa and Mastercard but it
takes about 3-4 weeks to get to the US. There is another supplier
Allcraft in NYC (212-279-7077 )but they are about 3X as expensive.


Hello Daniel, You can buy rubber cords at a lot of jewellery supplier
in the Netherlands they have rubber cord from 2 to 6 mm. However I find
this rubber a bit to soft and to expensive. And I have bought a lot of
rubber in bulk at an O-ring supplier, manufacturer. The have NBR cords
in all sizes from 1 mm up to 12 mm. In you neighbourhood there must be
also one supplier of O-rings. Otherwise ask you hardware store where
they purchase them.

Martin Niemeijer