Need a manufacturer for pendant

I made a custom pendant for a customer, his design, my work. He
would like to have it mass produced. I don’t do anything like that
but I told him I would ask this list to see if any one is interested
in doing this. A picture of the pendant is heRe:

The original is made of sterling silver and uses a Chatham ruby. He
would probably rather use a cheaper imitation ruby to bring the
costs down, but it would be a good idea to figure costs using
both/either stone. If anyone is interested in doing this or knows of
someone who might be, please email me off list and I will pass the
info on to my customer.



Took a look at your site and very much like your work and style,
what I call ‘simple but elegant’. Are you doing all your own work
and cutting your own stones. In any event, I just want to compliment
you and would recommend other Orchidians take a look as well. Cheers
from Don at The Charles Belle Studio in SOFL where simple elegance IS
fine jewelry! @coralnut2