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Need a good Hand Engraver

I have just completed a 14K white belt buckle for a customer.
they want traditional hand engraving around the outside and I am
coming up empty on finding someone to do the engraving. If you
know an excellent hand engraver. Please call me as soon as you
can. I am running out of time to get it done.

Thanks a million
Ray Holliday

I would talk to your local upscale gun shop and see if they know
of engravers in the area.


I’m an engraver and I do a lot of ‘western, bright cut’ style
engraved buckles, etc… Check out my new website at

Brooks Burt

Ray, I am a photographer of jewelry and have done work for a
hand engraver. His name is Brooks Burt and his phone number is
715-389-2310 or 715-387-6800. If we could I would scan some of
his work and show it to you on this network.

Please save this for whenever you need an excellent
hand engraver!

Dale Foster
Diamond Designers
3252 N. Stateline Ave.
Texarkana, AR 71854
Phone: (800) 488-3141
FAX: (888) 239-7742

They are fast, experienced, and used to working with the trade.

Greg Fisher

I have done hand engraving, I use a gravermax, still need to
future exp. but am willing to entertain a design. Let me know

Hello Ray! Just a quick note to let you know of a fine engraver.
Contact Associate Jewelers in Portland Or. They have an
arrangement with several craftspeople.Jerome Verryden, their
engraver, has done some excellent work for me years past.
Another you may try is George Bennett in Seattle Wa… His work
load can date your job occasionally; however his work is
excellent. As your posting was days ago, your probably out of
the woods. Keep these names for future. Engravers are hard
enough to find; and then to add your need for quality, that
narrows the field considerably! I commend those with the
tenacity to take up engraving. I hope there will be quality
engravers in the future. To reply

I found myself in need of hand engraving services myself, a friend’s belt buckle. Can anyone help bring this thread current with recommendations or suggestions on hand engravers who are skilled, and accustomed to working with the trade?

I’m not sure what he’s up to these days, but Chris DeCamillis in Traverse City, MI does incredibly excellent work. He’s the inventor of the RinGenie and a GRS instructor (not sure if he still is though). I know he used to do engraving work for at least one of the local TC jewelry stores. His contact info is here:

Hi Seth,
Just come in from the w/shop doing some essential maintenance for a big project tomorrow,
A buckle you say? are you starting from scratch?
As i make lots of buckles and have all the tooling for the following. a standard 3 by 2 in oval back, this can be in any metal,then to go with this back and all the fittings to connect to the leather. My own special design. I have lots of minting dies also 3 by 2in oval which match the back. the designs are as follows,
5 off the great age of steam inc the 1911 Stanley steam car,
the Quadriga on the Brandenburg gate Berlin,
another horse in profile called James,off Noyce’s gallopers.
Then a whole range in 2.25in round, too many to mention!!
Main one “The spirit of Creativity” my design for art in Action 1989.
then the latest being Night and Day by Bertel Thorwaldsen, circa 1830. look them up, there gorgeous and have the dies here now. Coin proof quality on all.
and so on,
So, this might just throw a spanner in the works, but it might just also give him something he cant get elsewhere. Can be minted in Sterling, gold or whatever, not s/steel ot titanium.
Turn round time , well depends on how urgent it is. Cost? the minting is not expensive, the metal is!! you pay for that, I do the work.
Metal thickness from 1mm upwards to 3mm.

Thanks so much for the generous offer. He actually already had the buckle, but selfishly I’d love to see some pictures of the setup(s) you describe above! Can you post some pics, pretty please :slight_smile: ?

Hi Seth, I currently do a bit for the store I work for and a few others. Here is a charity belt buckle I engraved. My friend made it he makes horse bits. Catfish club.

As a fellow fishkeeper I give this two thumbs up!

Rick Copeland
Rocky Mountain Wonders

I am a hand engraver and I primarily work for the trade. 40 years experience. Fully insured by jewelers mutual. You can find all my info and a keystone price list at
If you need an estimate feel free to text me a picture 252-813-3359.

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Hoffman JEL-3. Works fine but has some age.

Rodrigo Deloza of Roy’s Engraving in Dallas is really good and fairly priced.
His email is and his phone is 469-233-6963.
Our store if in its 50th year and Rodrigo has done work for us about 5 times
a year for at least ten years. Great guy give him a shot. PG

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