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Need a CAD design milled

I have a client who needs some designs he has in a CAD format
milled. The current company can’t take on any new work. I don’t
know the format of the design. It has a core of wax that is spoked
on the inside of the shank. This design is made in 2 parts and
glued together. I believe I saw a model master mill cutting this
type of design, but I’m not sure. If you have the ability to mill
from a CAD file and need more please email me offline
and let me know.


Larry Seiger


I have the capability to do that…but we are swamped too. My friend
John Mastoloni at M-2 Systems can do it, he is a service bureau and
that’s all he does. His e-mail is: and the phone is: 860 832 9331.

Studio C Designs