Need 300 5mm Cubics...Cheap!

We have been asked to supply cubics for a Fund raiser, 300 cubics ,
one in each cocktail glass, and one diamond of course! Anybody have
a source for inexpensive cubics? Thanx in advance, karen in

Hi Karen, last time I did the fundraiser deal with cz’s, I got them
from Rio - the commercial grade CZ’s. I think they went for about
$30 per 100 if I remember right.

Good luck, Mike.

Karen, I have bought CZs from a dealer in San Mateo Show…last
show I bought 500 3mm stones for 40.00, 500 2 1/2 mm for 27.00 and
500 2mm for 24.00. I didn’t price the 5mm, but I’m sure you could
beat the 40.00 per hundred buying from him. He has a website: You might try giving him a try. Can’t lose
anything trying! Good luck, Kelly