Neckpiece Iolite with Pendant - Differences Unite Us

Materials: 22kt gold - Iolite
Dimensions: 3cm approx (Pendant)

Dynamic neckpiece - can be worn with/without center pendant to fit the mood. Made from Iolite beads, 22kt beads and a large Iolite stone in 22kt

Photo credit: Pamela Harari

Pamela Harari
Kadima, Israel

I am a self taught jewelry designer, British born and living in Israel since 1982.

I have always used high carat gold - 22kt gold set with precious hand cut gems and diamonds. I like to think that through my handmade pieces I can reach out and give pleasure through my combinations of style, design and form to the wearer.

Every jewel is unique in its content and production, with no casting, each piece is hand made from start to finish.

I am inspired by nature and history - and try to reflect the calm of nature and the rough edges of history in my work.

I was a 2011 winner of the Emerging Designer’s Award at the Centurion Show in Tucson Arizona, and was very honored to meet many creative jewellers there.

Ganoksin hosts the jewelry list Orchid, with over 13,000 list members from all over the world, speaking from a wide range of technical and aesthetic experiences. The exhibition theme grew out of a desire to celebrate the creativity encompassed in this wide variety.

Artists were free to interpret the theme in any way they chose. Each artist could submit up to six pieces. Interpretations include uniting different materials into one cohesive form; intellectual and emotional “unitings”, where the meaning of the piece unites multiple concepts; the uniting of time - past, present and future; and a number that focus on the harmony created when uniting multiple materials and/or concepts.

The work submitted involved a wide range of jewelry techniques, from very traditional to very cutting edge, as well as using materials from traditional precious metals and gemstones to “re-purposed” and “up-cycled” materials.

The exhibition showcases 330 images chosen from entries from over 111 artists representing 26 countries.

Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Czech Republic, France, Greece, India, Israel, Italy, Malta, Mauritius, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Philippines, Serbia, Spain, Trinidad, Turkey, UK, USA, Venezuela, and the Virgin Islands

Many of the participants began their interest in jewelry at a young age. Some are relative newcomers to the field, and some have over 35 years of experience as professional jewelers and goldsmiths. While some grew up in families that were goldsmiths, and followed in those footsteps, others only began creating jewelry as adults.