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Necklace of overlapping silver domed disks


Hi all,

I would like to make a necklace of overlapping silver domed disks.
One that will not show from the front any chains or wires. I have
found several pictures, but, as usual the back is hidden from view.
How is this accomplished?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. -Rockey


Hello Rockey,

... make a necklace of overlapping silver domed disks. One that
will not show from the front any chains or wires.... How is this
accomplished? " 

Here’s one way:

Each disc has a short “peg” soldered near the edge on the concave
side. A hole is drilled near the opposite edge of the disc, but at
about 11:00 o’clock, considering the peg to be located at 6:00
o’clock. The peg goes through the hole and the end is heated until it
is balled up fairly close to the disc (this would be on the concave
side). If your torch control is not very good, an alternative would
be to simply form the peg into a loop against the disc. You want the
connection to rotate without binding, with each disc securely

Continue assembling the discs until you have the desired length. The
final peg is made longer so that it can be shaped into a hook, which
is inserted through a slightly larger hole in the disc at the other
end of the necklace.

Obviously, there are variables to be considered that relate to the
size of the discs, the length of the finished necklace, the degree of
the doming, etc. You have to decide how much overlap you want so that
you can place the pegs and holes properly. Avoid severely domed discs
as the resulting necklace would be stiff, and you want a smoothly
articulated piece. Longer lengths mean that the hole should be
closer to 12:00 o’clock.

Of course, if you see such a necklace you can examine it and see how
it is connected. I’ll be curious to see how others approach this.

Judy in Kansas, who has started canning - 6 qts of tomatoes for hot
soups this winter!


Rockey, there are directions in an “online exclusive” (2008) from
Art Jewelry magazine, written by Hazel Wheaton and entitled, “Layered
Silver-Disk Bracelet.” This shows that one drills a hole near one
end [side] of a disc, solders a piece of wire upright near the
opposite end (for as many discs as you want). Then insert the wire of
one disc through the hole of the next disc, melt a ball on it, and
bend it around so it stays in place.

Hope you can get a copy of the original directions!

Judy Bjorkman


I just wanted to say you might also check in to something called
Scale Maille. It is a type of Chain maille I’m not sure how it
connects but It might be close to what you are wanting.


That Scale Maille looks really interesting. Thank you Hicks! I found
this image

and this step-by-step guide

It looks like it’ll be really easy to adapt into a necklace

Laura Honeker