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Necklace links flipping

Hello all,
The two end links on this necklace (the ones with the arrows) keep wanting to flip up and nothing I have tried is solving this issue. Last time I made this style of necklace I encountered the same problem so there is obviously something I am not understanding. Does anyone know why this happens and what to do about it?

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I think that part/link needs 2 attachments, not 1, to the back neck chain. This would stop any flipping. Or remove/decrease those links as they are too high on the wearers neck.

Just my thoughts but I am sure others have other ideas.

Sharron In Puerto Vallarta enjoying the rainy season

Maybe the attachments on the last links should not be placed at the corners, but slightly farther down from the corners.

Maybe the flipping links need more weight at the bottom.

Increasing the length of the chain might work.

Adding more jump rings between a flipping link and the larger link next to it might work.

I’m in the two connections per piece camp. I think there isn’t enough weight in the two links to keep them laying flat. Don.

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I think it would help the end links to not flip if the chain was attached to the centre of the link and not the top, I hope this helps!

Try removing the two small links you are attached to at present…then attach to the larger links that are next in the line…if that doesn’t work, then change the style of clasp…for a necklace like this with the weight it would probably be more secure with a clasp that has complete closure to it. And, you have made a lovely piece of jewelry…congrats!!!

Hello Sharoon,
Could you please attach an image of how it flips,to me it also appears the end hook fixing is responsible but cannot comment without seeing how or in which direction does these two parts flip.