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Necklace lengths for kids


Hi, I am putting together some strung “name” necklaces for my neices
for Christmas. I have no idea what length to make them. These are
little girls between the ages of 4-7. Any help would be appreciated.

(even stringing beads with a new baby is hard work)


At least 14". This way the necklace has “growth room” and if it were
to snag on something, the young ladies would not choke.

Judy Shaw


I have made necklaces for my nieces and I used 16" for them all.
Although that might be a longer necklace on the younger ones it was
fine for the 7-9 year olds. Good Luck.



You probably want to make them 14" to 15" long…that way, they’ll be
able to wear them for a long time! If you’re really concerned about
length, perhaps you could make them adjustable? If you’re using
leather or satin cord or a similar stringing material, a couple of
slipknots w/ beads on the end is a favorite…slip on, pull ends and
viola! Adjustable necklace!

Have fun!
Marlo M.


Hi Karen, If your going for a choker effect 6-8 inches should be good.
10-12 inches is good for a right below the clavicle effect. I hope
this is useful.


If you make the necklace about 13 to 14 inches. I have made 2 for my
nieces ages 4 & 7. Your best best is to sneak a measurement, then
add 1 to 2 inches. That way they can wear the necklace for a few

Louise Roys


Where did these 16" necklaces drop to on the 7-9 yr olds?

I would think they would be comparable to a 20" length for an adult.
Please let me know if that is wrong.



The children’s necklaces I have made, for say 5-10 yr. olds, range
from 13" to 14"

I figure a 14" in a tight/choker type on an average adult. So, the
14" would be a drop probably equal to a 17" in an adult.

I use 14" for the older kids…as they have grown and necks are
larger. But, sometimes it is easier to really have the kid measured,
if you are making up a commission.

I am in the process of waiting for a measurement for a pearl and
sterling bead necklace for a 9yr. old.

When they give me the measurement, I will pass it along. But, from
making clothes and costumes for kids, the 12-14" range is pretty safe.

And as Marlo said, if you can make them smaller with extra chain or
jump rings to adjust, they will be able to wear them longer.

What type of necklaces are you making?



I was going to make sterling bead name necklaces for my nieces and a
friends child including birthstones in the mix. Unfortunately Rio has
stopped carrying the sterling letter beads! I was pretty surprised as
they used to carry several kinds.



I make little charms for both adults and teens. I recommend a 16"
length for kids and teens (this is with a clasp, so they don’t have to
pull it over their heads). Or, check a sample length of string on
someone else’s kid. Lori Bugaj, in rainy, rainy Seattle