Necklace clasps for arthritic hands- no magnet

So we have a client with VERY arthritic hands and we’re building her a very ornate, heavy necklace. We need a clasp that’s at least 1 inch in 14k yellow gold. It’s been really difficult to find, Stuller’s largest was 19mm. Magnets won’t do.

Does anyone know any purse hardware suppliers or the like? Trying to think outside the box, I think a clasp you’d see on a keychain would work well, but none come in 14k. HELP!

Have you considered toggle clasps?


Call Myron Toback in NY. They have a couple of very large lobster claw locks available in 14K. 800-223-7550
As Lorraine mentioned an oversize toggle might work, and you could easily fabricate it yourself.

I’m having trouble thinking that a toggle clasp would be better for arthritic hands. In your experience, has it been easier for people to clasp their necklaces?

Thank you for this info!

The easiest clasps for people with arthritic hands are large S hooks, in my experience.


yes! make a large decorative S hook to match the necklace. simple and the weight of the necklace is your “safety” clasp

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Another suggestion for necklaces for arthritic hands is to make them large enough to just slip over your head.



Hi Stacey,
I seem to spend my life removing small lobster clasps from necklaces and replacing them with magnetic … if not too heavy … but mostly, I use gold wire and put a largish ring on one end and make a suitably large hook on other, with a balled up end and some pattern of wire wrapping soldered on the hook to make it more ornate. Everyone has said this is easy to fasten and has seemed happy. Takes 30 mins and is fun to make.


Another solution for necklace clasps is to integrate the clasp into the front of the necklace. I’ve seen some nice examples, particularly with large components.

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Yers I do that S hook too. The extra I put on is a lock on the end that is used all the time. The end that is not used can just be tightened shut. The lock system is like the ones used on some enhancers - chenier/wire/ball ( - you just have to make it more sturdy, so the client can use it more easily. I have also used really strong rare earth magnets for upmarket items, but then the links have to be able to hold up to the tugging…

I agree with the hooks, although I’ve heard toggles are good for arthritic hands, too. We have several longer than 19mm:

Hi Stacey, there is a clasp that you can make yourself, which looks like two fishhooks facing each other and connected by a tube through the eye’s on the ends on the fishhook. the tube is punched over and adjusted so that the friction fit keeps them closed. A large jump ring fits through the tube (rivet) and connected to the necklet. I can draw it in CAD for you if you cannot visualise it. But my first option is always to have the customer stand in front of the mirror and put the necklet on with the clasp facing the mirror (back to front) and they can see their hands in the mirror as the same time.

i wish i could manage to visualize this

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Here is what I call a fish hook clasp, you may have a better name for it!! This one is in pretty green plastic and a green tube as the rivet.

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WOW thank you everyone for all of this knowledge, and thank you john911 for helping visualize what you were talking about- I did need the helping hand ha. But these are amazing ideas!

The clasp that John has shown you is aka a sister hook/clasp.



i know it as a sister hook! they are wonderful little things

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I never use toggle clasps anymore because I was constantly being asked to change them.


me too! I want a picture, @john911! :slight_smile: