Necklace advice?

Hi all,
I’ve finished designing/machining my first batch of wedding ring
pendant/keychains and am having trouble finding a necklace/chain that
works with it. I’ve tried a bunch of different chains, but all of them
look really “busy”. Picture below shows pendant with a friend’s silver
chain. The fineness of the links makes it look okay, but silver color
really doesn’t match titanium. I need stainless steel. I’ve looked at
all of Garland’s chains and bottom picture is one that I felt looked
best. But… links aren’t welded/soldered and chain breaks extremely
easily. I’m thinking some sort of cable (as would be on a bicycle) might
work. Where do artists source this and what do they do for clasps?
This is primarily a “dude” product, but I don’t want it to be overly
macho looking. I welcome any ideas, including leather or cord, that
might help me complete this product.
Thanks as always Orchid!

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Have you considered a titanium chain and clasp? We have manly down to dainty with matching clasps in our online catalog.

Reactive Metals Studio

Thanks Michele. I was hoping for a lower price point, but I will probably order a sample of the 2.5mm double rope to have a look.


perhaps a box version of some sort would work?..or a rectanglular link similar to a box…in brushed metal…to soften…the “square” links might work well with the square hinge details and lines of your piece?

(copied from dhgate)

…this link is square-ish/ rectangular…but has softer edges…

oh! I really like this one!

just playing around…


What about a black rubber cord?

Try stainless steel fishing wire/cable comes in different gauges actually they sell it by the breaking strength.
I use it often for my fishing related jewelry designs.

I use1MM stainless steel cable that I buy from rio grande, its in the stringing section. I can’t find it online, but I have seen it in the catalogue. Its made by Beadalon. I make or purchase 1.2 mm crimping caps, for it.

Thanks everyone for all the ideas. I’ll report back when I find the one that works best.