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Neat Lapidary Shop Tip

I have just solved a problem that crops up for me periodically and may do
the same for some of the other lapidaries on the list. I occasionally have
a vee belt break that drives the screw feed mechanism on my slab saw.
This is a problem because there is no way to put a a circular belt back on
this unit without completely dismantling the saw. I tried several
different things when this has happened in the past, with no luck. Always
had to take half a day right when I least could spare it and dismantle the
saw. Today while debating what to do with the saw down again I happened to
notice my daughters nylon rope for pulling her snow sled. It was approx.
the same thickness as the broken drive belt. I wacked off a piece long
enough to fit, retied the sled up short, and took it to the shop. I
threaded the rope thru the pulley path, and using a candle, melted the two
ends. I then stuck the two ends together and as soon as I could [that
sucker was hot!] molded the repaired end with my fingertips. I held it
till it was cool, finished threading it on the machine, and what do you
know! It works great! All for about 25 cents worth of rope and a candle!
Should work for other situations too! The only problem I see is next
winter I will have the sled wacking my heels when I pull the kids around!
Hope this helps others as much as it helped me. Ron Schanfish

There is also a “make-a-belt” available from browning, which is made by
assembling links together. You should be able to find it from a supplier of
pulleys and sheaves. Also there are heavier belts available
eg. an “A” vs a “4L” or a “B” vs a “5L” one of these heavier belts may
work better for you in the long run. and help prevent grooving of your sheaves)

Hope this helps.