Nd Assist w/2 Victorian Repairs

Hi, I have 2 Victorian pieces I need help with repairing. One is a
brooch, and one is a bangle. Both seem to have the same problem.
There is etching on the front of these pieces which appears to be on
thin gold sheet onto tin(?). Anyway, I tried soldering the bangle
down where it was coming up(the top) with my torch and gold solder.
Well, it opened a can of worms. The bracelet top started coming up,
which led me to think that the bracelet was soldered with a soft
solder. I do not know how to fix these pieces and still have them
connect successfully. Aslo to still be gold when I am finished, not
the silver color solder that is coming out between the pieces.

I also from time to time get silverplated items to solder back
together. Is there an instructional book for this? Or can someone
tell me what I need to do this with. What kind of torch/iron,solder,
and flux,etc? Sorry for the overload. Please help. Thank you in
advance, Jules

   Hi, I have 2 Victorian pieces I need help with repairing Jules 

Hello Jules; I’d advise you to put these aside for a time until
someone can educate you a bit on the perticulars of dealing with
these types of articles. I do a lot of “estate” jewelry repair and
restoration, and I’ve encountered the problems you are describing
many times. E-mail me off-forum and I’ll give you my business phone
number. You can call me during normal business hours and I"ll be
glad to discuss some solutions for you.

David L. Huffman