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[NC] Possible intern/apprentice position

After 37 years of going it mostly alone, I am exploring taking on an
apprentice/ intern/ employee.

My motivation is twofold.

Firstly, as I mature as a craftsman, I am realizing that I have a
lot to pass on in terms of practical experience and shop skills.

Secondly, I am finding myself wanting to hand over certain skilled
tasks to a second pair of hands and eyes in order to free mine up for
design and development.

This person will need to have a solid beginning working knowledge of
bench skills, tools and processes ( 5 or more years out of school and
some working experience as a bench jeweler or similar situation), as
well as keyboarding and the ability to think independently.

Currently I am developing a line of engraved platinum and diamond
jewelry, based on a collection of designs which evolved during my art
show period, back in the '70s. My studio is located in the woods of
North Carolina, near Durham.

Please contact me off list at .

Ken Weston