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[NC] [Class] Lost-Wax Casting

Non-profit retreat offers Lost-Wax Casting class

Wildacres Retreat in North Carolina, USA has become widely known for
workshops of all kinds. This April the Retreat is sponsoring a
special week for craft persons in the Southeast United States to
sample various craft classes including jewelry making at an almost
give-away registration. fee. Instructors receive a small honorarium
but are essentially volunteering to offer their specialty. Check it
out at

A detailed description and class outline for the Lost-Wax Casting
course is available at [Bad url removed]

Contact me or the retreat at
for details.

Fred Sias

It is awesome. as well the stuller workshop is March 17, 18, &19th.
in Lafayette. Call 800-877-7777 ext 4300 to sign up

Andy “The Tool Guy” Kroungold