NC Black hammers

For those of you who don’t know about NC Black hammers, you should
try them!

The Folks with NC Black came to Dallas to teach a WS at The Craft
Guild of Dallas. It was great! I’ve never thought of myself as much
of a forger. However, with their hammers I have made torus,
anticlastic rings, tiny spiculum, etc. I had taken a WS with Betty
Helen Longhi and really enjoyed that, but I wanted to work very
small. (Anyone who knows my work knows I work small-granulation
small!) The NC Black hammers fit the bill. I believe Allcraft sells
their hammers too. These hammers are made here in the USA (North
Carolina) and the partners of NC Black who taught the WS take great
pride in making their hammers and will makew custom hammers if

I have not been paid to say any of this just very happy with their
product. And happy to support a USA-made product/company.

Patricia Tschetter
Tschetter Studio