Navigating saw blade brands

I’m starting to run low on saw blades, and I was looking to change
suppliers- I love the Lazer Gold brand from rio, but its really the
only thing I order from them, I would prefer to find other brands
that work just as well, but order from someplace else, be it,, etc. A friend from school suggested I
stay away from Herkules as in his eyes they tend to be more brittle.

Thanks in advance for the input!

Hi Blake,

Saw piercing is and has been for the past thirty years my speciality.
I have tried most brands of blade available and of all that I have
used the best I have found are the Swiss made “Glardon Vallorbe,
jewellers saw blades for metal” round back. These saw blades are
consistantly good, they saw straight without wandering and they have
a good temper which retains sharpness over a good period. I have used
this brand for the past twenty years and can firmly recommend them.

See some of my piercing on my gallery pages

Best regards James Miller FIPG in the UK.