Navel Findings

Hi All, No, it’s not findings from the navy. :^) What I’m after
is a source for 14k findings used in navel jewelry. Specifically, I’m
looking for a curved finding with a screw ball on one end and plain
on the other end, where I can solder a tube for a gem.

Thanks, David in Maine

I just got a catalog today from “Body Gems” ™ They seem to have
jewelry (findings?) for EVERY possible body orifice and body part in
yg, wg, & pt. Don’t know the company, and haven’t done business with
them, so ‘caveat emptor.’ Their phone # is 877-263-9436.

David Barzilay, Lord of the Rings


Hoover and Strong just added a line of belly button findings to
their catalog, in their Sept.2002 newsletter. They have a variety of
sizes of “banana wire” (the curved wire) as well as straight, with
ball or spike endings (ouch), and with bezel, trillion, and oval
stone settings.

Have fun! Karen Goeller @Karen_Goeller