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Natural pickling solution

Ciao Orchid Friends,

I know there are some posts (I should try to recover them) about
different produts to be used as effective pickling solution, but I
don’t remember if (or when) the issue was covered in terms of type
of product used (artificial vs natural/non toxic/not polluting)

I mean. I’m trying to understand wheter I will be able to start up a
jewellery making activity in a small room at home, keeping it short
and simple and limiting (best would be resetting) the use of toxic
elements (to avoid me to require specific authorization for using

May anybody help me to list the possible not. toxing and/or not.
polluting pickling solution to use? thanks a lot for helping.


Hello Micaela,

The common household acids will work, ie. lemon juice, vinegar, and
my personal fav - citric acid. Reaction time is slower when the
solution is less acidic, but heating the solution speeds things up. I
use a coffee mug on its warmer with a watch glass for a cover. If you
need a larger pickle container, a second-hand crock pot with an all
GLASS lid works well. Avoid lids with the handle attached with a
metal screw.

Citric acid can be pricey if you buy it in the grocery store, so
look online for suppliers to makers of ‘bath fizzies’ and soap. I
bought 10 pounds several years ago and have used about half of it. It
comes as a powder and is mixed with about 4 parts water to one part
citric acid.

Proportions are not exact and can be adjusted until you like the

BTW, citric acid is a common ingredient in many candies and foods,
including lemon juice.

Judy in Kansas, who is looking forward to temps in the 70s and a
chance to work in the garden.

(that was 1/4 tspn. I put with less that 1/4 cup of water in the
cleaned up mustard jar!) 

This triggers another story. We really don’t know even with glass
how clean it is after cleaning it up.

Way back when, The first time I thought I was pregnant. I cleaned
and sterilized a pickle jar and lid.

Before someone questions it was done via the way we were all taught
to can pickles and such. Anyway it was this cleaned up vessel that I
had to hold my urine sample. The next day, the doctors office called
to say they couldn’t tell since there were some strange things in
the sample. So my husband driving past the doctors office got to drop
off a new sample in a medical collection plastic cup. That evening
when I got home from work I wanted to know the results. The doctor’s
office refused to give me the results since it was my husband that
dropped it off. There fore it was his results to a pregnancy test, and
only he was allowed to be told the results. He knew before I did I
was pregnant.

Second pregnancy I found out the proper way. He called home about 2
hours after he left for work.

He wanted to let me know he had a car accident on the way to work.
My response, “Oh is that all BTW I’m pregnant.” He forgot about the
car accident.

So next time you think you have scrubbed a glass container and even
sterilized it remember your husband might be pregnant.

Aggie who is half pickled

If you’re looking for a non toxic pickle try Alum disolved in water
quite saturated, let’s say 2-3 full tea spoons in 200 or 300ml, put
the solution in a flask and mantain it warmed in a hot water bath.
I’ts the best and most effective pickle I’ve tryed. Actually, I use
it everyday since I discovered it! Sulfuric acid went to trash…


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I use alum. Food grade alum----as in for making pickles. No to very
low oder. I purchase from the pharmacist. Behind the counter where I
live. It has other benefits in addition to being non-stinky. Charles
Lewton-Brain attests to its usefulness in an article here on
Ganoksin. The “recipe” I found on line is 1 tablespoon alum per 1/4
cup water. It has to be HOT to work; I get fine results from my
teeny tiny crock pot.

We just use vinegar straight up in mini crockpot and it does great.

Dave Leininger
The Swanky Stone