Natural Gold Nugget for sale

Hello, all that read this, I have a California (Donner Pass area)
gold nugget for sale. I understand it is worth 30 to 50% more than
spot gold price. It is rectangular in shape and measures approx: 24.6
X14.5 X 8.5 mm, and weighs 12.6 grams. It has a design that, to me,
looks a little like a scorpian on one side, or a crescent moon with a
head and tail(artistic interpretation?) raised from background. And
has a few specks of quartz. I was going to put it up on Ebay, but
thought I would let any Orchidians know about it first. If
interested, contact me be email, and I can send a photo of it.

Thomas Blair CBJ*
Island Gold Works
Hilton Head Island SC
*Jewelers of America Certified Bench Jeweler

Thomas, Thanx for your patience with me and sending the pics. I found
your original email on the size & weight; so please disregard my
earlier note today. I’m quite interested buying this; so, please let
me know how you’d like to proceed since you mentioned there was
interest from others also. Thanx, Regards Mark 714-730-5468