Natural gas casting torch

Metal melters -

Is anyone using natural gas torch for casting?
If yes, how well is it working?
What brand torch?
Volume and type of metal is being melted?

Thank You, Roger

Using a G-TEC Torch Booster you can get excellent results casting
platinum and gold with high pressure natural gas.

In 2011 I demonstrated this at the Stuller Bench Jeweler Workshop
and they made a video that is posted on their
website here: (click play to get
the video started).

In the video I melt a bronze nugget - when I do this demonstration I
always ask if someone has a piece of jewelry they would be willing to
donate but everyone declines, although once a man handed me a gold
tooth so we melted it!

You can see how the flame looks and that the metal melts quickly.
Now platinum needs to reach 3,300F to melt but natural gas reaches
that temperature easily.

A few years ago we did a 3 minute testimonial video with Bob
Pampillonia of Pampillonia Designs in the Dallas area - he switched
to natural gas after using propane and you can see that video on
YouTube here: Casting Platinum at Pampillonia Designs - YouTube

Ed Howard
G-TEC Natural Gas Systems

Roger, Yes. Harris Calorific from Ireland. Model 16 body and H-16-S
top pipe and H rosebud tip. Three pennyweights to three ounces.
Gold, silver, and bronze. Three ounces of bronze is a stretch for
this torch.