I’m sure all racing fans are aware by now that Dale Earnhart passed
on this afternoon at Daytona. We all will miss him. I planned on a
nice message but find myself speechless.

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Yes, Dale Earnhart will be missed by many… He was a tough competitor
and a very good person. After watching the film repeatedly, I thought
that the # 2 car may have had more to do with the accident than the
number 40… the 2 came up the center lane behind him close enough to
cause turbulence and this seemed to cause his car to loose grip on
turn 4… Not a good place to loose grip.Then he wiggled and bumped
into the 40 car which finally caused him to change direction and go
straight into the wall. I don’t believe anyone is at fault as no one
intentionally put him in the wall My heart goes out to his family.
Daniel Grandi

I know this isn’t a message board for NASCAR but… I have to say, I
have been a Dale Earnhardt fan for about 12 or 13 years now… My
heart was broken when after the race I was searching for any news on
his condition only to find out he didn’t make it… I was crushed…
People don’t understand the impact Dale made on NASCAR and auto racing
in general… He was a true icon and the perfect example of what one
could do with dedication and drive to succeed… I know I will miss
him for a long time to come… God bless you Dale Earnhardt… you
have your 8th championship in my heart… Marc Williams