Narrow band saw blades

I have searched the net, talked to endless industry sources, and have
been unable to find metal cutting, 1/8" wide band saw blades that
have more than 18 teeth per inch.

I don’t believe length would be a problem because they can simply be
cut and welded off of continuous rolls. 24 teeth per inch are easy to
find in wider widths but not in the 1/8" width.

Someone in this knowledgable group must know of a source.

Thanks for your help,
Jon Olson

Over 18 Teeth per inch you are looking at cutting.125" thick @ 24TPI
and only.0625" or less for 32TPI. here is McMaster -Car they explain
it all. you want either jig/scroll saw or a
armstrong jewelers saw with the proper blade. as the 1/8 blabes
aren’t good for cutting solids of anthing but the softest material.
Only thinwalled type stuff. The other draw back is the cost in time
and coin of the realm to make them up, and changing them on the saw.

been there, and can’t believe how fast I can use a jeweler’s saw now !