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Name That Tool: c-shaped tripod thing?

Help. This is driving me batty. I know I have seen something very much like a regular soldering tripod, except instead of a full circle on top it’s three sides of a square so roughly C-shaped with the fourth side open. I believe it had four legs rather than three but I’m not completely sure on that.

I’m looking for this as a potential solution to needing a taller rig for firing enamels with my new Hot Head & MAPP gas torch. When doing the kind of immersion enameling where I have a small piece on a mandrel in my hand (like the Barbara Lewis books teach) having the torch mounted to the table is great, but I’m trying to figure out how to set things up for when I’m doing larger pieces on a trivet or in a basket.


is it this…?

schlaifers enameling llc

comes with flat or v screen
4 sided
3 legged



or…maybe this one, from

shaped like a C
one side open
3 legs

actually, this might be the same as above…hard to see if schlaifer one is open on one side…


T-POD! See that’s why it was driving me up a wall, I knew it was something completely obvious like that! Thank you!