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Name that filigree component?

Does anyone know what those circular coiled components are called, preferably in English but I’ll take whatever I can get? I asked this artist on Instagram and they liked the comment where I asked but didn’t answer. Either we don’t have a language in common, or… they’re not tellin’, which I’ll respect and not pester them further. I just keep seeing these elements used and would love to learn more, but the filigree resources I’ve looked at so far don’t cover them. If I could just find out what they’re called I could probably figure out the rest!

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I am making a guess here…maybe at something that is just similar…“shot”…“shot plate”…?

SusanLenartJewelry on Instagram makes extensive use of these kind of components…i find her very o interesting! she seems to travel alot! She uses similar components and does live videos where she talks about “stuff”…she might have a video where she talks about sourcing or fabricating these types of eastern components…?

here is her youtube channel

and here is one of her shot plate videos- i think she sells some shot plates

on a similar technique note:

Leslie Kail Villareal:
her Youtube channel has featured Tucker Tools shot plates, that might be of interest…
They may be a bit more southwestern than eastern, but they are nice!

Buffalo Rutland

Kevin Potter/ PotterUSA
-And lastly but not leastly, here is a youtube video from Kevin Potter

I wonder if Kevin could make the shot plate for you…and others!

the shot plate videos may explain how to make the shot component.
i guess the trick would be to find the shot plate!


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Hi again,

also maybe try searching vintage tibetan shotplate jewelry components or similar…

…you may find similar bead caps…you could put a granulated bead on the top hole…

just a few thoughts…


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I work with 22 karat gold and these coils look to me like they are made from gold wire. If I wanted to make something like these coil components I would take high gauge wire, say 24 gauge, and tightly wrap it around a tiny transfer punch as if I were going to make jump rings. Then remove the coil, anneal and cut lengths that when wrapped in a circle make this coil shape. The two ends would be soldered or laser soldered so it does not open. I would play around with wire gauge and transfer punch size until I achieved the look I wanted.


Sorry, to be clear, the element I am trying to find a name for is the coiled wire piece.

I just realized the name and searched it up.
She is a Norwegian master fililigree silver smith.
I’ll send her an e-mail and ask :wink:

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Here are a few more deep shot plates- by Chris Pruitt

She replied now, in Norwegian of course,
since I asked in Norwegian.

It is a “Kruse” one of the most important
filigree components.

It is a spiral made out of a spiral with silver thread.

According to her explanation.


In Norwegian it means curly.

It translates approximately to Frizz – Frizzy
and seem to originate in the German speaking areas of Europe.
The word that is :smiley:

I hope this help :slight_smile:


Integral part of many “Solar” designs!

I hope that help even more.

Jen “Ifutzwithfire” is the OP.

I’m just trying to help since the original Artist is Norwegian as I am :smiley:


She told she had asked an English speaking friend.
And she had no specific word.
She called it “Kruger” or coil or spring.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Regards Per-Ove

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Okay! Kruse! That’s a thing I can google! Thanks so much.

Yes, perfect! It’s something to go on, at least.

in Spanish we know it as tomatillos (the same as the tomato fruit, but small), in this link that I leave you there is a video on how to make the tomatillo


That was so great, thank you! I speak very little Spanish but I caught enough, and I could see very clearly how it was done. I love the use of the block to roll the wire, I think that would be even easier on my hands than my jump ringer kit! Muchas gracias!

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the video you linked is private. Can you make it public?