Name of tools used to make screws?

I’ve been wondering this for a while and then saw this video and saw the tools he used to make the threads for the screw holes and the threads on the wire to make the screw and I am dying to know what the name of the tools he used or that one can use to make screws like that are called.

( screws are at 25:00 )

I asked in the comments but then read in the comments that he doesn’t answer such questions so thought maybe someone here would know what the tools were called and could tell me.

Thanks in advance!!

They are called tap and die sets. The taps are like screws and they cut threads in a hole you drill. The dies cut threads on metal rods to make screws.

You can find a set part of the way down the page on:

which is a Ganoksin / Orchid advertiser. Be sure you know what size screws you want to make. Many sets are intended for much larger work, but there are sets in the jewelry-size range.

Reactive Metals also sells ready-made screws.

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Thank you!!!

Tap and die. Die cuts the threads on the screw, Tap cuts the treads in the hole. Lots of fun…Rob

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I’d add that the tapping job, where you make a thread in a slightly undersize hole, involves cutting metal and putting the ‘sawdust’ in to the grooves in the tap tool. So I’d recommend brushing the grooves clean before taking it out.
Better, make brushing a frequent chore and after 3 or 4 turns reverse out and brush the grooves, go in again and cut 3 or 4 new threads and come out to repeat the brushing. All the time using cutting fluid. Or at least a thin oil.
I have made quite a few 1.5mm screws and tapped holes to suit when I was starting out making sterling eyeglasses and here in New Zealand we couldn’t import or buy screws. However I came up against the problem that some jewellery metals are not so suitable for screws or threads: the screw may not withstand being tightened up as much as you’d tighten a steel or brass screw. So choose an alloy of silver or gold that has the best machinability qualities. There are some.

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I use this exact product to make brass screws :slight_smile:

It’s called a tap and die set.