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Name of acid - Natriumpersulfat


Does anyone know what this acid is in English?
Natriumpersulfat. I have been in contact with a friend in
Zurich Switzerland who uses this acid for etching in her class,
but did not know what it is called in English. Louise


Hi Louise, It is the German name for sodium bisulfate. Regards, Skip

          Does anyone know what this acid is in English? Natriumpersulfat.    

G’day; yes, this is sodium persulphate. That is; the sodium salt of persulphuric
acid. H2S208 The sodium salt of persulphuric acid is Na2S2O8. It is a very
powerful oxidising agent and may be obtained by the electrolysis of a saturated
solution of sodium sulphate in sulphuric acid. This is not a commonly available salt
or acid, but is used in laboratories and may be obtained by suppliers of laboratory
chemicals… Cheers,

        /\      John Burgess
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Louise, Natrium ( Na )is the chemical name for Sodium. That’s why sodium chloride
is NaCl instead of SoCl. Per means it has a peroxide bond in it. (like hydrogen
peroxide). Sulfat is the German spelling for Sulfate. So, in America we would call
this compound Sodium Persulfate. This compound is not very stable, so I suspect
your friend makes something equivalent by adding strong Hydrogen Peroxide to Sparex
which chemically is Sodium Bisulfate. Try this and see if it works, or have her
verify whether she makes it like I’ve described or buys the pure
compound…Bob Williams


Dear Louise Natriumpersulfat has the chemical formula Na2 S2 O8,
and in English it is sodium persulphate. Physical properties:
mol.wt. 238,11, white crystalline powder, soluble in water. I’m
afraid that is all I could dig up about that stuff. If you find
it and try etching with it I’ll be most interested to hear about
the results

Kind regards
Betty & Niels L�vschal, Jyllinge, Denmark
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