Mystical Stones

    All, I am an eternal skeptic of anything I cannot partially
prove by sight, feel, smell, or scientific investigation.  Therefore
it is tough for me to accept the mystical powers of stones.  


I am absolutely convinced of the mystical powers of stones. I am
both a stone cutter and jeweler. Many’s the time I’ve dropped a stone
only to have it vanish completely, never to be seen again. Even
though I get down on all fours and “worship” them in in an attitude
known variously as the “Jewler’s” or “Stonecutters Position,” they are
able to disappear faster than Houdini in front of a rich crowd. When
they hit the floor they bounce into hyperspace or flop into a wormhole
or maybe just scrunch into another dimension.

I am convinced there are 4th, 5th or even 6th Dimensions that are
absolutely bulging with dropped stones: diamonds, rubies, emeralds,
sapphires, alexandrites, epoxied turquoise chalk, etc. Can you
imagine how many stones cutters and jewelers have dropped over the

Stones can also vanish completely, then magically reappear again in
plain sight. I lost a particularly nice little alexandrite trillion
the other day. It just whooshed out of my tweezers, hit a wall and –
botta-bing, botta-boom! – went away into some quantum hideaway
alongside Schrodinger’s cat. A few days later I walked into the room
and spotted it sitting insolently in plain view in a place I’d
previously searched at least 50 times. Mystical!

Well, that’s my take on the matter. UFO’s? They’re real and they’re
here looking for whuffles dropped by whufflemangers in their
dimensions. What does a whuffle look like? I’m not sure, but I’ll
know one when I see one. Watch out where you step!

Rick Martin

Greetings Orchids Skeptical and Other-Wise,

It is amazing to me the diversity that we all bring to this forum.

What is the one common denominator we all share?

An unexplainable desire to be involved with the energy (Action) of
gems, metals and others so occupied.

Why do we feel this desire so strongly that we actually do something
about it and we go to the great trouble and expense to make, create,
assemble things with and from our obsessions, i.e. gems, metals,
tools other artists.

What is practical or necessary about persuing this form of self

Why do people want, even more than want, pay good money for what we
create… certainly not because the value is secure… try to
re-sell that diamond engagement and/or wedding ring. HAHAHAHAHA

We are attracted to the ENERGY OF THESE THINGS…:>)

We sell to those who are attracted to them and prefer the energy we
put into our work… if they buy from YOU it is YOUR energy thru the
piece that they are valuing… Is it just the gold and that emerald?

I think not… it is YOU blended with the stones, metals and the
energy of the moments of your living self you imbued in those
ejaculatory expressions that you leave for posterity in your work.

This is what they are perceiving and paying for.

Why is one piece more desireable than another? Why do some exquisite
pieces linger with us for YEARS til the perfect person comes along and
they cannot leave without THAT piece?

Why do we accumulate many more gems than we need and often can

What is the attraction… Friends this is the very same energy that
is used in healing with said gems and crystals and metals…

We are naturally attracted to what soothes our souls, bolsters our
self image and gives us reason to believe we are “special”.

When you put on a new piece for the first time after creating it.

When you wear it “OUT” and no matter how hard you try you cannot
help but wonder who will be the first to notice and comment…

And if perchance you should hear an unguarded conversation about your
piece and/or YOU.

What is the energy?

Is this visible?

Can you show it to me or any other person?

Can you make it happen?

Does this inability make it any less real?

Does this diminish anyone or anything that some choose to pay
attention to this ephemeral and subtle energy and… perchance
to consciously utilize it to assist others to heal themselves?

As you can tell I have some opinions on this subject :>)

To sum up…for those not afraid to suck the juice of life…god is
in the details.

I love this group… you are each awesome and infinitely surprising.

Thank you for sharing your energy with me.

All the best in all things


Dear Richard O. Martin, Your revelations about multiple gem-eating
dimensions was fascinating and I thank you for enlarging my experience
about this. As a jeweller “down under”, I too have experienced this
phenomenon but had mistakenly ascribed it to the CIO (Conspiracy of
the Inanimate Object).

This theory is based on the assumption that inanimate objects have a
secret life of their own and possess telekinetic powers far in advance
of our own. This ability is not only enjoyed by gemstones but by tools
too - especially those tools which are wanted most urgently. I have
searched in vain for a specific pair of pliers, or a needle file,
etc., only to find it long after the need for it has passed.
Interestingly, these allegedly inanimate objects are able to reappear
in plain view on a prominent area of my bench top in what I can only
conclude is a derisive and insolent gesture of their own autonomy.
Like most jewellers, I have learnt to live with this.

Richard, as a stone cutter you will be interested to know that the
crown facets on a brilliant cut stone go in an anti-clockwise
direction in the southern hemisphere, while the pavilion facets
simultaneously go in a clockwise direction. Not many people know this.

Kind regards and thank you for your informative post. Rex from Oz.

To Gerry, Although I have a copy of Kunz"s book on the powers and
lore of gemstones I’ve never experienced any out of the ordinary. BUT
I do know there is a “black hole” where all lost or dropped gemstones
go! Man can they disappear in a heartbeat! If we could find this black
hole we could own a small continent.

Some years ago ,around Christmas,I was showing a fine 1ct diamond to
a couple. The diamond jumped out of the tweezer( gia spring model)
.For over 1 1/2 hours, 14 customers and employees were on their hands
& knees searching. Finally,I looked inside the old style radiator.
The diamond was resting on a metal plate within. Now, when a stone
"jumps", I instinctively, listen for the sound of it landing.

Hi Gang, I guess I must be the personification of skepticism. To my
way of thinking, just about everything contained in the post that
started with the above paragraph could be said about anything one
feels strongly about. Witness the number of people interested in (&
feel quite strongly about) different things & avocations. Some of the
ones that come to mind are amateur radio, beading, chess,
motorcycling, scuba diving, wood carving. And this list goes on.

The same could be said about the vocations some of us are able to
follow. Could it be that we were just lucky enough to get started
doing something we really liked at an early age? If this is true, then
just about everything has a ‘mystical power’ for someone (and I don’t
believe that for a second).

Just another slant.


Dear Rex from Oz, Ah, fascinating new data from Down Under! One of
our prominent American authors, Samuel Clemens (a.k.a. Mark Twain),
wrote about “the innate cussedness of inanimate objects,” but I had no
idea they’d formed a Conspiracy (although a fellow named Murphy has
hinted at that). Knowing how mean and uncooperative they can be I’ll
be extra-cautious whenever I have reason to suspect a CIO.

Yes, I am often made aware of the telekinetic proclivities of tools,
solder paillons, the piece I’m working on, even my glasses and car
keys. I’ve also experienced pyrokinesis (if that’s the right word) –
mysterious little fires on my workbench and floor after I light the
alcohol on my workpiece to flux with boric acid. One of those almost
got me recently until I finally noticed the fire on my pants instead
of the floor.

Re: stone facets. Yes, we have to tussle with the Coriolis force
here in the Northern Hemisphere as well. There’s a whole chapter in
one of my American faceting texts titled: “How to Cut Clockwise Crowns
on Australian Sapphires.” We have trouble with your left-handed
quartz crystals, too. But clockwise crowns are a snap up here on
Montana sapphires. In fact a rare few are endochronic: the facets
appear a microsecond before the stone is touched to the lap. This is
of enormous help in cutting to the right depth consistently and
getting perfect meetpoints. But I understand you Aussies have
outlawed those particular stones in your big international faceting

Beware of CIOs and Whuffles,

Rick Martin

Hello All!

I am sure Opal has some power to affect humans. I was setting (about
$800 whlse.) an opal cab in white gold the other day. The design was
one of those “from the bottom of the sea” types. I had loops and
swirls that I had intended to go way onto the top area of the stone.
The gravermax was retired in preference to the old punches and hammer

The whole time I was setting the opal I could tell my adrenalin was
higher. My breathing was normal, but I was perspiring a bit. I seemed
to return to normal almost the instant I had decided I was done. Did
I experience the hidden powers of Opal?