Mystic / Rainbow Topaz?

A customer has requested heart shaped “Mystic Topaz” or “Rainbow
Topaz”. She describes it as a blue and purple stone with play
of color. Frankly, I’ve never heard the name before this. I’m
wondering if it’s one of the vapor coated topaz on the market.
She says it’s only irradiated though.

Anyone know what this is and where I can get it in heart shapes?

(I’d also be interested in any other inexpensive color
change/vapor coated/multi-color faceted stones in heart shapes,
for this customer.)

Boulder, CO

Avoid Mystic Topaz…it is coated and doesn’t hold up well or
for very long!

Greg Fisher
Austin, TX.

Hi, Ricks gems has a website, and until they send me their
weekly sales list, I don’t have their exact web address. They
do carry Mystic topaz and other color change stones. They are
not the cheapest wholesalers out there, but for one or two
stones, they are more than reasonable. You should be able to
find them on a search engine under Ricks gems, or maybe someone
out there in orchidland knows the address.

God bless,
Tom and Donna

Dear Karen:

I have heard of this Mystic Topaz you client speaks of and I
believe it to be the treated/coated variety. While attending a
gem show in NC recently, a dealer showed some of material to me
with the same name and I was told that it was a coated variety.
Hope this helps!


Bill Warren, Owner

Hi Karen, I’ve seen them at eBay and other auction sites and they
are listed as “treated” with no mention (on the ones I’ve looked
at) of how they are treated. They look nifty, but I’ve not
purchased any - they seem to look not unlike the aurora borealis
type of crystal, but nicer. They’re inexpensive and probably
worth experimentation.

Kathy, (bitten by biking madness) in PA

I recently purchased 2 ‘Mystic Topaz’ stones at the
International Gem & Jewelry Show in Seattle. I got them from
Tejsons Gemstones International, Inc. 800-656-GEMS . The ones I got are emerald cut but do
appear to be the vapor coated type finish. I’m sorry now I did
not get a chance to go into detail about the color/coating.

Hope this helps.

I purchased a couple of “mystic” topaz ovals a while back from
Jamming Gems, one for a ring for a friend of mine and I kept the
other for myself. Their web address is

another website that has it is:

Hope you can find the size you want. I looked in my Rio Grande
catalog and couldn’t find any mystic topaz, usually they have
nice calibrated sizes for Just to let you know (this
is what I have been told, so if I’m wrong, please forgive me!),
mystic topaz is produced by heating natural topaz in the presence
of metal oxides, this process creates a sort of coating on the
stone. The coating is quite thin and it will tend to flake
off…so it isn’t a great stone for a piece that will get a great
deal of wear like a ring (wish I would have know that about a
year ago!). It is very pretty material and the color is very
interesting, it would probably do pretty well in pendants or
earrings. I can’t think of any other stones that are like it,
however blue topaz is heat treated and very inexpensive…it isn’t
multicolored though. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help to you. I
checked in my safe and I have two 9x11 ovals (thought I only had
one!), so if you get really desperate I am willing to part with
them. :slight_smile: