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Mystery Pliers

Hi Folks,

Working with Dee, I’ve been able to isolate the reason a few people
have been unable to view the “mystery pliers” page recently, and
probably my Orchid Dinner at SNAG 2001 photos a short while back.

If you had trouble, please try this updated URL:

Dave Sebaste
Sebaste Studio and
Carolina Artisans’ Gallery
Charlotte, NC (USA)

Dave, IMHO those pliers look like they are used to make chains from
cut rings! The slot is the pass through for the ring being connected!
More likely than not they are custom made as I’ve never seen anything
like that in any of the tool catalogs! They seem similiar to the
notching pliers that are used to make stone settings.

Those are old hose clamp pliers. Prior to the hose clamps with the
screw type band, hose clamps were a spring type wire with two prongs.
The groves in the pliers were to grab the prongs either vertically or
at right angles, horizontally.

Heres a link to what they look like now and what the hose clamp looks
like. It is still used on some radiator hoses. pliers wire hose clamp

Love and God Bless
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