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Mystery Casting Machine?

I’m attempting to identify what I believe to be a casting machine from the 60s or 70s. As you can see in the picture, it was made by Highland Park Manufacturing, Model IVC, with a serial number IVC1781354. Also looking for a manual if possible.

Highland Park Manufacturing doesn’t exist anymore but I’ve contacted a few companies affiliated with them including Highland Park Lapidary and CigarBoxRock to see if I can find more information. I’ve also searched through all of the old HP Manufacturing catalogs I could find to no avail. They were heavily involved in lapidary tools but I could not find any information about their involvement in casting equipment, or any references to this unit in general.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I will see if I can get more pictures in the meantime.

You sure it’s a casting machine? Looks more like the barrel of a large rock tumbler to me.

Hell Talia, What is that top plate made of? What is inside? Is there a hole anywhere you could attach a vacuum hose? We all love a mystery. Have fun. tom

Tom, it’s not my machine, I was just answering the original question with what it looked like to me, which is all speculation unless the original poster can give us a photo of the inside of the mystery object. I’d bet money it’s not a casting machine, however.

This looks like the old “shell” casting machines we had in part of our foundry.
You would dip the object (wax) in a ceramic solution, burn out the wax.
The canister is filled with sand. an air hose goes into the base of the barrel, charge it with air and the sand becomes like quicksand, allows the shell to be immersed (except for the sprue funnel ). reverse the process with a vacuum at the base -pour metal.
We used to do 50 lb bronzes, some steels. only limited by the melt capacity.
Not sure if this is the same but the name and shape are familiar
Anyone else???