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Mysteries with silver

Hello All

I had a client who had their Argentium ring come into contact with
chlorine. It turned black.

But before they could take it to me for cleaning the black
disappeared and the ring looks as good as new. Any ideas as to what

The next mystery is a client who cleaned their oven while wearing a
sterling ring. The ring now has patches of copper colour showing. How
should I restore the ring? I am thinking sanding, pickling and
polishing. Any advice most welcome.

all the best

I have cleaned many silver rings rhat went into hot tubs. It should
be asurface discoloration so a fine grit of paper on a sanding stick
to removethe copper on the surface and then polish should be all you

As to the argentium ring. I have clue. Other then maybe a bit of
discoloration and then the acid from the owner’s sweat was enough to
remove it? Just guessing on that one.

Gerald Livings
Livingston Jewelers

via wikipedia…

How does Argentium silver prevent firestain? The germanium
alloyed in Argentium silver oxidises preferentially to the copper. It
produces a transparent, self-healing oxide that protects the copper
from oxidising and forming firestain. Unlike traditional sterling
silver, Argentium silver does not require plating or strong acids to
hide or remove penetrating oxides.”