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Myron Toback


Has anyone tried to get a special order quote from Myron Toback? I
have tried 4 times and have recived resonses like “We will get back
to you later today” or only a partial response but no quote. Also,
does anyone have another source for sterling silver washers beside
Myron Toaback? Thanks for your help. Jackie


Metalliferous has most anything you need in sterling including
washers -

Maja / Maja Designs


Hi Jackie I’m pretty sure Hoover and Strong carries sterling
silver washers. (800) 759-9997 Good luck. Linda Blumel


myron toback, Hi Jackie, I was in the Myron Toback store on
Wednesday and mentioned your problem concerning phone replies. I
spoke to one of his sons who apologized and said he would like to
hear from you again… and he will be in Touson and will look for
the Ganoskin-Orchids. They could be one of the busiest places on
47th street. We sometimes take a ‘bakery number’ just to be served!
But they are worth the wait. The Tobacks were impressed with the
notion that 5000 jewelers on line heard of your complaint…to say
the least. Best wishes, june Jj’s or


I don’t have time to go into NYC that often, but when I do, I make
an effort to stop at Myron Toback’s. They can be busy at times, but
they’ve always tried to be helpful. It’s a family run business. Myron
Toback called me back personally last summer to let me know of an
error regarding a particular item I had ordered. In a world of
faceless corporations and unaccountable business practices, that
meant a lot to me. Although the item wasn’t made by the company I
initially thought it was, I purchased it anyways and it’s been fine.

Jesse Kaufman
CAD-CAM Technology
Handcrafted Originality


It’s been years since I had an active bench, but back then I dealt
with Myron Toback in person and by mail. I was always treated as a
valued customer despite small orders, and as I segue back into the
field, they were one of the firs suppliers I looked up. I recommend
them highly.

M. R. Fletcher
Earthly Wealth